For sure much of you have been in Canada and you know it well; in my case I had knew Vancouver and decided to make a family trip to the same city, that we well know, are places with an operational system and the rules that give it an structure of functionality and quality of life, as a good example for cities of the same size.
After one week in Vancouver, we made a 6 days road trip through some of the national parks of the state of British Columbia and Alberta, and from this road trip is where this reflection comes from.
In this time lapse we went through 1600 km and the most interesting in this way we crossed directly 6 towns, for the rest were amazing landscapes of valleys, mountains, lakes and rivers. It could be said that the 70% of the surface that we saw were pine trees of different types that were so closed to each other that the density amazed. In the back of this great green mas, there are diverse mountains some of them with rest of snow still, but unfreezing for the summer time. Between the mountains and through the valleys some rivers run of various flow rates, but most of them with great volumes and all potables. The lakes we saw through the trip had beautiful landscapes for it big dimension and for their impeccable original state; the respect that is given to its natural sources is unbeatable.

Some data that help us dimension the value of its politics and actions, same that play a basic role in its worldwide participation in the respect of the environment and its natural sources are:

  • Canada is the first exporter of wood and it only uses the 28% of its forest with immediate reforestation politics; the rest are protected natural areas.
  • It has the biggest potable water reserves and is thankful of their sanitary politics care.
I would like to end this reflection that came to me with this wonderful tour. We need to take more care of our natural sources starting for us as society, and we need to demand to the authorities to show to us the importance of preserving this so value sources. Mexico had the double of tourist in than Canada, and practically the level of incomes generated by both area the same; this means that Canada with the half of tourists generate almost the same level of incomes and this is because of their natural sources that result a great attractive worldwide. I would say, “Thanks Canada for taking care of this valuable heritage”