It is denominated Mixed Use to a Development that is integrated by 2 or more building use type, for example residential, commerce, corporate and in some cases, industrial. This mix is defined mainly according to the demand of the surround area, the cost of the land and the potential to spray the total surface for sale in different real assets.
In the present, this mixed developments had been taken high demand due to the short distances between the functional and recreational activities to the residential areas. This proximity of uses, avoid long and no required distances and offers a more social and interactive way of life, as well as less polluted developments, which results in a good improvement of life quality that is constantly looked for nowadays.
The Urban Zoning Politic where the land uses are separated in-between, had generated the exceeded need of transportation through the different areas of the cities. In the Latin-American different cities this tendency had been coming less used due to the decrease of the quality of life that the long transportation distances, the pollution and the less social interaction resultant.
The mixed use generate and allow a social interaction more active that brings a more dynamic lifestyle along the day, since the mixed of uses avoid dead schedules that promote insecurity, quality of life decrease and the loss of the urban web.