Our workplace is located in
Guadalajara, Mexico.

We look to close projects with our clients in a objective way, Interurbana’s goal is to be where is needed to emerge a product according to the requirement, with the mission to be globals and over alla the commitment of a qualified team and new allies, with vision and passion of service.



Professionalism, one of our main values, will let us to act with the highest level of commitment of our collaborators, having as a main axis the respect and conduct that covers the highest standards required with honesty and loyalty.

Based on our experience, we take as an essential objective and based on the qualifications of our technical team, to achieve in stablished time and real cost, with the biggest quality the final product of our customers.



We are a company developed in 2000, which develops efficient architectural projects and studies through deep market research, with architectural solutions aligned to demand. A fundamental objective in Interurban is to achieve balanced projects between logic, efficiency and emotion that generates a connection between architecture and user. Our architectural design process through specialized research allows us to provide creative solutions in housing projects, mixed, corporate, commercial and master plans.

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We are at your service since 1930 with robust infrastructure carrying the future

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