Casa Club

our portfolio Casa Club This mixed use project, is integrated by a commercial area, corporate offices and apartments; bases its functionality in the volume dynamic integrated by 3 main volumes: a horizontal volume that contains the commercial activities and offices, over that 2 separated modules by a vertical circulations core where empty spaces create terraces [...]Seguir leyendo

Serena Hábitat

our portfolio Serena Hábitat The residential project of 14,065 m2 is integrated by two volumes that interact by a plane and openings dynamic that create terraces to locate the amenities of the building. Each of this modules is conform by 8 levels, different each of the other, with 2 circulations nodes that connect and service [...]Seguir leyendo


our portfolio Livup The Small-apartment complex of 12,542.68 m² for student leasing, was solved in 2 independent buildings that integrate special activities focused on study, sports and recreation of the resident students.The buildings have amenities in first floor, as well as proper services such as lobby, concierge room, snack bar, gym, study rooms, relax and [...]Seguir leyendo